Clinical Strength Skin Care

Posted on November 8th, 2011 by admin

Our specialist skincare ranges include Cosmedix, Results RX and Che. These ranges are all chirally corrected and can be prescribed by our registered nurses and aestheticians.

What does “chirally correct” mean?

Each of nature’s building blocks is made up of two types of the same molecule. Scientists have determined that each of these mirror image molecules has different properties, some harmful and useless and some beneficial to the body. Those molecules that are chirally correct have been purified at this molecular level and produce only the positive effects of each ingredient. By purifying each ingredient, this leaves little possibility for allergic or adverse reactions.

When ingredients are not chirally correct, the harmful properties of the molecules are left behind and can cause irritation and inflammation to the skin. Over time, this irritation and inflammation contributes to the signs of aging. Cosmedix, Results RX and Che are skin care collections that focus on treating your individual skin conditions. The use of holistic, plant-based ingredients is a natural, yet effective way to treat skin conditions. Because they are paraben-free, only natural preservatives are used to keep the product stable; vitamins A and C, witch hazel and jasmine are used to protect the product.

Inflammation is the core cause of irritating skin conditions. CosMedix, Results RX and Che refuse to use irritating ingredients that cause this inflammation unlike many traditional skin care lines. Avoiding ingredients like artificial additives, parabens, synthetic glycolic acid and sodium lauryl sulfate increase your chances for a healthier more beautiful skin.

Clinic Aesthetic stock only the best researched skin care treatments available in today’s market. Our skin care ranges are:

  • Irritant and fragrance free
  • Preservative free
  • Non-acne forming
  • Talc and dye free
  • Cruelty free

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