Hair Removal

Posted on November 8th, 2011 by admin

Clinic Aesthetic offers two solutions for Permanent Hair Reduction Laser Treatment and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

The difference between IPL and laser treatment is the type of light used. IPL works by releasing a range of wavelengths that target the different melanin pigments in the hair, whereas laser treatments deliver a concentrated, highly targeted light to reduce hair production. Upon consultation, we can determine which treatment is suitable for you.


Our state of the art Cutera Laser treats all skin tones, from light, tanned, to dark. The laser has a longer wavelength which allows extremely effective permanent hair reduction. It treats all parts of the body and is suitable for use on those more sensitive areas.

Clients will typically require a minimum of 6 treatments; however, the total number of treatments required will depend on the hair thickness, the area that is being treated and your hair growth cycle. This treatment is reasonably painless so no local or topical anaesthetic is needed.

Prowave (IPL)

Prowave can remove hair from all parts of the body and can also treat sensitive areas. It is a tailored light source engineered specifically for permanent hair reduction. It provides treatment for a wide range of skin types and has the ability to treat large areas quickly.

Most areas will require a minimum of 6 treatments; however, the total number of treatments required will depend on the hair thickness, the area that is being treated and your hair growth cycle. Like our Laser treatment, no local or topical anaesthetic is required.

“Our clients like our Cutera Prowave treatment because it provides impressive results in hair reduction and is one of the more comfortable ways to achieve more permanent results. It has a cooling head which cools the skin during treatment and some clients claim that they would even be able sleep through the procedure!”
– Leonie, Clinic Aesthetic Aesthetician

Contact us today to book a consultation

Check out our video below for an example of our eyebrow threading technique.

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